The ExpLoRe home dialysis program aims to provide practical and hands on learning for Nephrologists and/or nurses who are planning to implement and grow their home dialysis programs at their local institution

Healthcare Professionals 

 Health care professionals accepted into the Program will be immersed in 4 core domains:

  • Clinical Encounter and/or Observation, depending on student’s status at UHN
  • Core Curriculum Teaching
  • Simulation and Practical Application of Knowledge
  • Concept Testing and Research Project Presentation

It is envisioned that all students will develop their goals and objectives with the center in the form of a “learning contract”.  It is expected that at the end of each program, all students will be tested for their competency in home dialysis as well as presentation of their assigned project (e.g. business development proposal, narrative summary of button hole cannulation technique).


The recommended program duration will be 2 weeks to 3 months with a maximum of 3 participants at any time. ( A 6-month program may also be available in the future for students with specific research interests). Clinical fellows must be accepted into the University of Toronto fellowship program. Therefore, UHN cannot guarantee any minimum number of fellows who will be enrolled in the Program as students. 

Each student must be sponsored by his/her home institution and have appropriate medical/ nursing licensure.

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Healthcare Professionals