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The Program will offer a unique opportunity to train those who have already completed education in an accredited nephrology fellowship and are planning to develop or implement home dialysis at their local institution. Ideally, the home institution is expected to provide financial support for the student to gain additional advanced training in home dialysis techniques and to provide a suitable environment for the growth of home dialysis therapy. No financial support of any kind will be provided by UHN to Students. The ultimate goal is to encourage nephrologist and nurses who are looking to develop or expand their home dialysis programs at their local institution.

ExpLoRe Applicant Outline:

  • Each applicant must present a letter of commitment from his or her home institution detailing the amount of time and resources dedicated to the student.
  • A telephone or web interview is a prerequisite for all applicants.  
  • A learning contract will be established by UHN for each applicant to ensure accountability.
  • Final acceptance will be made by the UHN ExpLoRe admission committee. 

For clinical fellows who are licensed medical doctors, acceptance into the University of Toronto fellowship program is a prerequisite to acceptance into the Program. Applicants with a sponsoring home institution and the potential to develop home dialysis programs and/or provide home dialysis services upon the completion of the training program will have priority.  Our goal is to process applications in approximately 4 weeks’ time. Courtesy recommendations and review by Baxter International Inc. will be taken into consideration. Applicants without financial support from home institution will be encouraged to seek educational funds from various nephrology societies (e.g. International Society of Peritoneal Dialysis and International Society of Nephrology).