Clinical Encounter/Observation

The UHN Home Dialysis Division has 3 major clinical areas (Home PD [120-130 patients], Home HD [100 patients] and Chronic Kidney Disease Management [650 patients]).  There are weekly clinical conferences and clinics in all areas. In addition, the student will be exposed to in-hospital dialysis modality education and other unique infrastructure including: 

a) New Dialysis Start Unit [this is a 4-patient unit which is specifically designed for patients who have not decided on their renal replacement therapy];

b) Innovation suite for dialysis learning [this is a 2-patient unit, which has the capacity to stage various forms of renal replacement therapy];

c) “Launch” room  [this is a 1-patient unit, specifically designed for patients who have finished their home hemodialysis training but require more confidence in their dialysis technique and a greater sense of independence.