UHN/Baxter International Inc. Home Dialysis Fellowship

In 2007, Baxter International Inc. established a historic partnership with the Division of Nephrology to support and develop global leaders in dialysis medicine through the establishment of a fellowship program.

This Fellowship was designed to train emerging leaders in home dialysis research. Areas of specific focus include nocturnal hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis, clinical epidemiology and translational research. This program has attracted multiple applicants with exceptional credentials annually. Recent graduates have established home dialysis programs both nationally and internationally.

UHN/Baxter International Inc. Home Dialysis Fellows:

  • R. Pauly (Edmonton)
  • J.P. Rioux (Montreal)
  • S. Curran (Dublin, Ireland)
  • S. Anathakrishnan (USA)
  • K. Tennankore (Halifax)
  • A.C. Nadeau Fredette (Montreal)
  • M. Rousseau-Gagnon (Quebec City)
  • K. Francois (Brussels)
  • S. Ghazan-Shahi 

UHN/Baxter International Inc. fellows provide leadership in multi-centre trials and through initiatives such the virtual ward created to optimize transition to home care. The Virtual Ward consists of scheduled telephone appointments with residents, fellows and nursing staff to monitor blood pressure and other symptoms. This has been shown to decrease readmission rates across Canada.

The impact of the UHN/Baxter International Inc. Home Dialysis Fellowship program reflects Baxter International Inc.'s commitment and corporate objective to advance knowledge that contributes to improved outcomes for patients with chronic kidney disease.

The UHN/Baxter International Inc. Home Dialysis Fellowship Program attracts outstanding and qualified candidates. Applicants are new academic physicians who have finished their nephrology training and certification.The selection criteria for acceptance to the fellowship are based on multiple factors, including:

I. The applicant’s academic and clinical aptitude;

II. A demonstrated interest in home dialysis; and

III. Support from the applicant’s home institution. Most applicants have an understanding with their respective home institutions that they will return to establish a home dialysis program.

Fellows are appointed for a one-year period. In addition to their clinical obligations, they are strongly encouraged to participate in ongoing research studies led by the Division of Nephrology. Although there is no contractual obligation to do research during the fellowship, they are exposed to the rich research environment within the Division. As a result, all Fellows have published.

Upon completion of their placement, the Fellows are encouraged to stay connected with UHN. In every case, there is a continual link between the Home Dialysis Program and the graduated home dialysis fellows through clinical care and research collaboration.